Arizona Breweries

Arizona Breweries

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This quest involves visiting each of the Arizona craft breweries. If you love good beer and want to explore the state’s craft beer scene, this is the best way to do it!

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Quest Objectives

What Qualifies (?)

Generally, you know a craft brewery when you see it: a small, usually-independent operation that brews beer in-house and serves it in its tap room. However, several popular well-established craft breweries have recently been acquired by Ab InBev but still brew as their own entity, which has clouded the definition a bit for brewery questers. Many of these breweries have led the craft brewing scenes in their respective states, so the question of whether to include them or not is one best left up to each individual quester.

In addition, there are other considerations in determining which breweries count for your own Arizona Brewery Quest, including:

  • Does it actually brew its own beer? There are a number of places that call themselves a brewery, but actually white label beer from other breweries, or brew using another company’s equipment. Is brewing in-house a requirement for your quest?
  • A number of breweries have multiple locations. To complete a brewery objective, do you need to visit any location, or all the locations?
  • Does the tap room have to be publicly accessible for the brewery to be included? Two breweries in Arizona exclusively brew for the high-end restaurants they’re located in. Others may be situated behind security in the airport, which makes marking them off more challenging.

List of Objectives

These days, the list of currently-open craft breweries can change often. In fact, there’s no single authoritative and regularly updated list available online. And since there are heart-felt variations in what people consider a “local craft brewery” for the purposes of this quest, we’re not providing a definitive list. Instead, we’ll point you in the right direction to create and maintain your own.

The easiest list to use comes from the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. Note that, historically, not all local craft breweries were members of the Guild, and so they were not listed on the website. However, this seems to be the best starting place and is a place you’d expect to stay generally up-to-date.

RateBeer has its own list, though it includes client brewers and some restaurants that brew on the side.

Milestones or Smaller Quests

If you’re not interested in completing all of the breweries in the state, you can limit your quest to a specific metro area. Completing each of the breweries in either Phoenix, Tucson, or Flagstaff is a great way to get started.

Common milestones:

  • Completing all the breweries in each of the metro areas: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff

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