I've included some definitions and explanations below that you might encounter here at #GoQuesting.

What Qualifies (aka, "The Rules")

Every quest should have some basic rules about what counts as marking off an objective. Trust me, it's a question you'll later get asked, and it's good to think it through before you get too far into the quest. For instance, does a country visit count if you simply pass through its borders on a train and never deboard? Does it count if you drive across town to visit a craft brewery but they’ve inexplicably run out of their own beer? Are you allowed to count visits that occurred before you started the quest? These questions are best decided before you begin your quest—and trust me, they’re bound to come up along the way.

Here’s an important thing to remember: it’s entirely up to you to decide what rules you follow. If you want to count airport layovers as visiting a particular state, then by all means go right ahead. Your quest = your rules. Quests are for you, after all, not for anyone else. Just keep in mind why you're doing this and choose rules that fit what you want.

My general standard is that I should have a personally meaningful visit.


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Sub-quests are subsets of a larger quest, but that we don't display separately. These share the same quest code as the parent quest. Often, questers start on a smaller sub-quest, then expand their goal to include the larger


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