Breweries (In Your State)

Breweries (In Your State)

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This is a directory of quests that involves completing all of the craft breweries within a single state.

If you love good beer and want to explore your state’s craft beer scene, this is the best way to do it.

A bit more about these quests

The craft brewery industry is generally booming these days, so it can be very hard to keep track of new openings and other changes. As a result, unless we have identified a quest curator, we don’t even try to maintain an accurate list—that’s an effort best left for others. And, as is the cse with many quests, the list of objectives all depends on how you count.

Generally, you know a craft brewery when you see it: a small, usually-independent operation that brews beer in-house and serves it in its tap room. However, several popular well-established craft breweries have recently been acquired by Ab InBev but still brew as their own entity, which has clouded the definition a bit for brewery questers. Many of these breweries have led the craft brewing scenes in their respective states, so the question of whether to include them or not is one best left up to each individual quester.

Find your state brewery quest below: