NPS Affiliated Areas

NPS Affiliated Areas

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USA, USA Territories
Parks and public lands
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Medium (20-49)
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March 29, 2022

This quest involves visiting each of Affiliated Areas of the National Park Service.

27 objectives
Across the USA

Quest Objectives

What Qualifies (?)

Only official Affiliated Areas of the National Park System are included in this quest.

Note that one objective, the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route, is authorized and an official Affiliated Area even though it is not always listed on the NPS website. This unit was authorized, but its funding mechanism was sunseted in 2011 and NPS removed references to it as a result. However, new funding authority has materialized and it has, at least technically, remained an Affiliated Area this entire time.

Map of Objectives

List of Objectives

  1. Aleutian World War II National Historic Area (AK)
  2. American Memorial Park (Saipan)
  3. Benjamin Franklin National Memorial (PA)
  4. Chicago Portage NHS (IL)
  5. Chimney Rock NHS (NE)
  6. Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Fort Miamis National Historic Site (OH)
  7. Father Marquette National Memorial (MI)
  8. Gloria Dei Church NHS (PA)
  9. Green Springs National Historic Landmark District (VA)
  10. Historic Camden (SC)
  11. Ice Age National Scientific Reserve (WI)
  12. International Peace Garden (ND)
  13. Inupiat Heritage Center (AK)
  14. Jamestown NHS (VA)
  15. Kate Mullany National Historic Site (NY)
  16. Kettle Creek (GA)
  17. Lower East Side Tenement National Historic Site (NY)
  18. Natural Bridge State Park (VA)
  19. New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route (NJ)
  20. Oklahoma City NMEM (OK)
  21. Parker’s Crossroads Battlefield (TN)
  22. Patrick Henry’s Red Hill (VA)
  23. Pinelands National Reserve (NJ)
  24. Roosevelt Campobello IP (Canada)
  25. Thomas Cole NHS (NY)
  26. Touro Synagogue National Historic Site (RI)
  27. Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (WA)

Milestones or Smaller Quests

The primary milestone or smaller quest is completing all of the affiliated areas within the contiguous US. This leaves off the difficult-to-visit objectives located in Alaska and Saipan, as well as the one in New Brunswick, Canada.

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