One of my big goals is bringing together people with similar travel goals to inspire, support, and connect with each other. Here's how you can be a part of that:

Connect using hashtags

The easiest way to connect with your fellow questers is to use our quest hashtag system.

When you're posting about a quest on social media, be sure to include the quest hashtag(s) of the quest you're posting about (eg, #GoQuesting1245). Example post: I finally marked off this quest objective! #GoQuesting1245

That way, it's easy for others to find your posts via a quick search.

You'll find the quest hashtag on the detail page for each quest in my directory, along with links to quickly search for those tags on each of the major social media network

If you’re posting about questing in general, please use #GoQuesting.

Connect on our own social media community

I've also been developing our own dedicated online community, which functions like a better version of a Facebook group—but without all the downsides of Facebook. It has a great web interface and a nice mobile app, too.

I launched a beta test of it in January 2020 with a couple dozen participants, but temporarily shut it down when the pandemic hit. After a rough two years, I haven't re-opened it yet.

But I’m going to re-open it in January 2023.