One of my big goals is bringing together people with similar travel goals to inspire, support, and connect with each other. Here's how you can be a part of that:

Connect using hashtags

The easiest way to connect with your fellow questers is to use our hashtag system.

When you're posting about a quest on social media, be sure to include #GoQuesting + the code(s) of the quest you're posting about (eg, #GoQuesting1245). Example post: I finally marked off this quest objective! #GoQuesting #GoQuesting1245

That way, it's easy for others to find your posts via a quick search.

You'll find the quest code on the detail page for each quest in my directory, along with links to quickly search for those tags on each of the major social media networks.

Join our Twitter Community

If you’re active on Twitter, the best place to connect with other questers is the free #GoQuesting Twitter Community. You can also follow @Go_Questing for updates.

Later this year, connect on our own social media community

I've also been developing our own dedicated online community, which functions like a better version of a Facebook group—but without all the downsides of Facebook. It has a great web interface and a nice mobile app, too.

I launched a beta test of it in January 2020 with a couple dozen participants, but temporarily shut it down when the pandemic hit. After a rough two years, I haven't re-opened it yet.

But stay tuned, as the plan is to relaunch it later in 2022.

Here's the old landing page that describes more:

Who We Are

#GoQuesting Community brings together adventurers with similar travel goals to inspire, support, and connect with each other so that we can share practical knowledge, have authentic conversations, celebrate our achievements, develop meaningful friendships, and make our travels more rewarding and personally meaningful.

If you have a travel quest, or are considering adopting one, then this is your community. You're home! 🏠


Find Your Flock

#GoQuesting Community serves as a vibrant and inspiring community for Questers of all sorts—the only place on the internet dedicated to people with quests of all kinds.

Some of the more popular Quests feature their own rich mini-groups within the #GoQuesting Community, though anyone with a quest—no matter how obscure—will benefit from participating in this supportive community. This is a place to be inspired by other adventurers, no matter what their quest is.

Putting the social back into social media

Simply put, this is an "I See You" communitynot a "Look at Me" community.

At the #GoQuesting Community, it's not about creating content for others to consume, it's all about creating conversations that enrich us all. It's specifically designed to initiate conversations that matter, so you won't ever feel lost or alone in all the noise online.

This is a special corner of the internet just for us, separate from all the trappings of big social media sites or antiquated forums.


How is this different than FB or IG?

In some ways, the #GoQuesting Community is an attempt to isolate the parts of social media we love the most, while avoiding the stuff that sucks about social media in 2020.

More of this:

  • connecting with your peeps
  • meeting new friends who share your same travel goals
  • learning how to make your own quests more rewarding
  • sharing useful information and experiences
  • having meaningful and authentic conversations
  • supporting and celebrating each others’ accomplishments

Less of this:

  • scrolling past seemingly endless sponsored posts
  • the lack of authenticity and influencer culture
  • a one-way broadcast with only superficial interactions
  • the toxicity and the trolling
  • and, definitely, the ubiquitous distractions...Ding! You *were* reading about your friend's amazing trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park…but after that last Facebook notification popped up you’re now suddenly arguing with your crazy uncle about wild conspiracy theories. 🤦‍♂️

Making your travels even more rewarding

But...the #GoQuesting Community is more than just an online community.

It’s specifically designed to help you better plan, optimize, and reflect on your quest in ways that make your travels even better. It's unique structure and prompts function as a fun workbook that you can use to improve the travel you're already doing.

Through a mix of monthly themes, regular prompts, community insights and recommendations, and optional guided activities, it's also intended to make your quests more personally meaningful and rewarding.


Since time and money are always limited, Go Questing is a great way to make your quests as valuable as possible. Think of it as a way to upgrade your quest.

Seasoned quester? Time to give back.

If you're already an experienced quester, then you know how much quests and other travels can enrich your life. Participating in this community is a way to give back and help others have rewarding adventures, too. Many of us had a mentor when we first started out that made the journey better—here is your opportunity to pay it forward.

What does it look like?

Built around the Mighty Networks platform, it's a bit different around the edges, yet still totally familiar.

A main news feed congregates the stuff that's relevant to you—and you have control over what you see (or don't see). Quest-based groups ensure you can connect directly with your peeps, while the larger Go Questing Community ensures there's some cross-fertilization of the ideas and insights that everyone can benefit from. Posts are easily organized into topic areas to make it easy for people to find what they're looking for.

There are a number of features intended to connect you directly with others, including both in-person and virtual events, community-wide chat, direct messaging, and even an ability to find members that live near you.


Best of all, there are Android, iPhone, and iPad native apps, as well as the main website interface, so it's easy to stay connected when you want to. You can text yourself the app link using the form at the bottom of this page.

Why does it cost money?

The #GoQuesting Community charges a nominal membership fee, with a significant discount if you join for the year. Here's why:

  • Simply put, you value what you pay for far more than something you just get for free. I want this community to be valuable enough that questers will happily pay to be a part of it.
  • We don't want this to be a place where people just show up to build a "following" to monetize. The membership fee helps ensure that only people who are truly interested and serious about questing join the community. We want quality over quantity here. Requiring a small fee helps to keep trolls, spammy marketers, and bots out.
  • We are ad-free, and want to keep it that way. A membership fee is the easiest way to cover the basic operating costs of the community (hey, running all of this isn't free!)

Note: we want the #GoQuesting Community to be accessible to everyone who is truly interested, so scholarships are available for those who need themThis includes anyone who has been affected by COVID-19. Please contact me for more information.

Who is behind all this?

I am! You may know me as @rscottjones on most social media networks, though I just go by Scott in person.

I'm a huge fan of quests, which have played a really important role in my life. I'm probably best known for visiting all 423 national park units, or for being the first person to go to all 482 "Treasured Places." But, the truth is, I have a ton of other quests, too. In short, I'm pretty damn passionate about quests.


I want to share the concept of questing with as many people as I can. One of the best ways to do that is to support existing (and new!) questers with the Go Questing Community you've been reading about here.

I'm also working on launching a companion mobile app to help people keep track of the quests they're working on.

Be sure to say hi when you join the community. You can find my profile here.