Japanese Internment Camps from WWII

Japanese Internment Camps from WWII

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This quest involves visiting the 10 Japanese internment/concentration camps in operation in the US during World War II.

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Quest Objectives

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There were a number of relocation camps, assembly centers, and detention centers associated with Executive Order 9066, which established the larger program. However, only 10 of these sites are considered major concentration/internment or "relocation" camps. Eight of the ten are in the Western states, with two located in Arkansas.

Tule Lake, Manzanar, and Minidoka are all units of the National Parks System.

Map of Objectives


List of Objectives

  • Gila River
  • Granada (Amache)
  • Heart Mountain
  • Jerome
  • Manzanar
  • Minidoka
  • Poston
  • Rohwer
  • Topaz
  • Tule Lake

Bonus Objectives

These are objectives that are closely related to this quest, but aren't aren't officially regarded as objectives. This can include objectives that no longer qualify or don't technically meet the requirements.

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  • Both Poston and Gila River camps in Arizona are located on tribal reservations, which restricts public visitation.
    • You can view many of the associated camp remains from Poston from publicly accessible roadways, and there is a memorial located at 26600 Mohave Road in Parker.
    • You can acquire a permit for visiting the Gila River sites (Butte Camp and Canal Camp) from the Gila River Indian Community.
    • The Arizona Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League hosts an event at both Poston and Gila River each year, which provides an excellent way to visit those two sites.
  • Please note that the more accurate term for these locations is concentration camps, not internment camps. I've used the legacy term "internment" primarily so more people can more easily find this quest, as few know much about this history or the difference in terminology. Once you spend some time visiting these places and learning more about the history around this shameful episode of American history, you'll have a better understanding of why we should use careful language in describing these places.