This is my basic guide for the features I’m developing for #GoQuesting. It’s not set in stone, and I may sometimes deviate from it. If you have a suggestion or request, please let me know.

Working on right now
Add basic template for quest pages still under development
Rework questing codes for SEO purposes
Mini guide template for quest pages
Add analytics to track quest popularity
Show sample quest detail page on homepage, roadmap
Subscribe via email
Guide to Questing
Glossary of terminology
Find Your Quest by code
Better formatting on quest pages
Improve Community page
Fix cover photo cropping on quest pages
Improve ‘Start Here’ page
Release Notion template for tracking your quest objectives
Consider offering subdomains for quester pages
Improve Build Your Quest guide
Find by quest size & scale
Launch podcast
Improve blog design
Better support for non-US quests
Recently added quests list
Recently updated quests list
Launch community platform
#GoQuesting ebook
Improve cover photos for quests in directories
Add intro text to theme, location pages
Add Find By City list
Find Your Quest by theme
Find Your Quest by state
Pretty URLs
App info page
Quest code system
In Your State directory pages
In Each State directory pages
Suggestion forms
Simple blog
Be a podcast guest form
Roadmap of planned features
Start here page