Who is behind all this?

I am! You may know me as @rscottjones on most social media networks, though I just go by Scott in person.

I'm a huge fan of quests, which have played a really important role in my life.

I'm probably best known for visiting all 423 national park units, or for being the first person to go to all 482 Treasured Places. But, the truth is, I have a ton of other quests, too. In short, I'm pretty damn passionate about quests.


My goal with #GoQuesting is simple: to help you find, adopt, and complete your own quest—and to connect with fellow questers along the way. I want everyone to have a bit more adventure in their lives, and quests are a great way to accomplish that.

Here’s what I have planned for the future:


I’m also working with two other buddies, Wayne Turner and Mike Loos, to develop a mobile app to support questers.

#GoQuesting is a project of R Scott Jones & Scott Jones Enterprises LLC.